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Mature Women Make Better Lovers

If you like mature women must have this.

Garry was in his twenties, had a considerable sex drive, and had the looks and charm to keep that sex drive satisfied. Only problem was, it kept costing him his job.

However he only ever went to bed with women about his own age. Then an accident, a bit of blackmail, and a desperate attempt to save himself from loosing yet another job, meant that Garry had his first sexual encounter with an older woman.

And from then on he never looked back. Garry had at last found out the most important fact of life. The fact that "Mature Women Make Better Lovers"

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Jakes erotic  milf  story

My name is Jake and I am thirty years old. I have a milf fetish,  am a moderately successful business accountant with a nice house in a nice neighborhood. My neighbor, Barbara, is an absolutely beautiful milf.

She's tall, leggy, blonde, busty and very sensual. She's in her forties.

I know, because the other neighbors told me so, but she doesn't look it. I would have thought she was thirty-two or so. She's just the most  amazing milf! I've had fantasies about her for a long time, but I never thought they would actually come true! One lovely Spring Saturday, I was in my back yard grilling a big, juicy steak and a couple of ears of corn and watching Barbara sunbathe. She was tanning herself on her lovely lawn, wearing a very small bikini, and glistening in the sunlight from a mixture of sweat and tanning oil. Barbara looked absolutely breathtaking. I tried not to stare, but it was impossible to keep my eyes off her. I finally managed to look down at my steak and it was done. I grabbed my plate and lifted the steak onto it with my fork, then I used my grilling tongs to pick up the corn. I took my plate over to my picnic table by the pool and sat down, slathering my corn with tons of butter and salt, and seasoning my steak with some salt and pepper. Suddenly I heard a voice. "Mmm, that looks delicious," she said. I looked up. It was Barbara! "Thanks. Want to join me?" I asked. "Oh, no. It doesn't look like you have enough there for two," she said. "But I would love some company." She sat down on the other side of the table, directly across from me. I cut a bite of steak and chewed on it nervously. After I swallowed I looked up at her and she smiled. "Your name is Jake, isn't it?" she asked. When I nodded she said, "Yes, some of the ladies at the library have been talking about how handsome you are." "The library?" I asked, blushing. "Yes, they said you come in sometimes and you always check out something business related. Don't you ever read fiction?" she asked me. "Well, I really don't have time for entertainment," I admitted. "I'm very busy."

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Bound Women -  Erotic Stories

"I see. Well, Jake, I'm Barbara Andrews and it's very nice to meet you," she said, extending her right hand. I put down my knife and took her hand. It was so soft. So soft and supple. So... "Nice to meet you, too," I said, grinning nervously. I picked up my knife and cut another bite of steak. "Oh, that looks so good and I haven't had a bite to eat all day. Can I have... just one bite?" she asked. I tried to hand her the fork but she swung around and ate the steak off the fork while it was still in my hand. She closed her eyes and let her lips linger on the fork for a long, sensual moment. "Mmmm... that's soooo gooood..." she purred. I could feel my cock growing inside my shorts and I hoped I wouldn't have to stand up for anything. I would hate to let her see that I had an erection. I thought that would be quite rude. Suddenly she grabbed an ear of corn off my plate. She began to suck on it like a big dick, and my eyes bugged out of my head. I sat back in amazement as she leaned back a bit, pulled the crotch of her bikini bottom aside and began to rub the corn against her exposed clit! She moaned softly as the warm corn, lubricated with butter, slipped across her clit. My cock was bursting from the top of my shorts but I barely noticed. "Why don't you come help me?" she whispered seductively. She didn't need to ask twice. I sped around to the other side of the table and knelt down beside her. She lifted the corn out of my reach and lifted her buttocks, obviously hinting for me to remove her bikini bottom. I did, and I exposed a beautifully trimmed set of pussy lips, almost bald with a v-shaped patch of hair just above the slit.

 I spread her lips apart and marveled at the beauty of her pussy, shaped like a rosebud.

She handed me the corn and I began to slowly rub it over her clit and I teased the opening of her pussy. Slowly, gently, I began to push the fat ear inside her. She was soaking wet and the corn began to slide easily inside her. I couldn't resist. I took that slippery ear of corn, rich with her juices, and I licked it, tasting her sweet honey. I inserted the corn back inside her and began to work it slowly in and out, bending over to touch my tongue against her clit. She moaned. I pushed the corn in and out, faster and harder, licking her clit faster and harder. I looked up. She had removed her bikini top and her beautiful breasts were exposed. They were incredibly firm, with hard, brown nipples, and the bounced as she rocked with the motion of my masturbating her. "Fuck me, please!" she screamed, and I immediately took her and turned her over the picnic table and I entered her from behind. Her pussy was so tight I almost thought I had her asshole. I couldn't believe how tight this woman of forty-something was, especially after having that big ear of corn inside her! It's tight wet walls gripped my cock like a vice and he groaned loudly as I began to pound her hard with my big dick. With my left hand I reach under her and grabbed her left tit, teasing the nipple with my fingers. With the other hand I reached under her hip and found her clit, rubbing it furiously. I could feel a huge gush of sperm filling my cock and I knew I was going to explode. I rubbed her clit as hard and as fast as I could and she began to shudder and jerk, moaning loudly and slamming her ass against me as she came on my cock. I felt her pussy walls tightening around my cock as she climaxed and I began to fill her up with hot, wet cum. I squeeze her big tit in my left hand and I still rocked her to orgasm with my right hand as my cock shot load after load of cum into her. I groaned loudly as I emptied my balls of every bit of jizz that I could into her. Soon after it was over we both sat down at the picnic table and got to know each other better. We've been seeing each other regularly for several months, and I think I may ask her to marry me soon! The age difference doesn't matter to me at all. She could be seventy for all I care. She's all woman to me!


Ash's milf fetish fantasy


Ash has a milf fetish, and so many milf fetish fantasies he wishes to play out.

So, I lay tied up on a bed, blindfolded and gagged, I hear the door open. The hairs on my arms start to stand up and I hear your heels clap against the wood floor in the room. As you move around the bed you run your fingers over my naked chest, scratching with your nails. I feel a twitch in my cock as you tease me. You then whisper in my ear telling me "Now your mine", You lean in and kiss my neck and cup my balls at the same time. My cock twitches again. You then pull up a chair to the side of the bed and tell me that your going to play with your pussy and make it nice and wet and there is  nothing I can do about it. Then you flick your lighter as you smoke and rub your pussy. I smell the combination of smoke and pussy juice and it makes my cock getting a little harder. After a few minutes of pussy play you untie the gag in my mouth and climb over me. As you stand above me I feel the juice from your pussy dripping onto my chest, you crouch down over my face and ORDER me to "LICK MY PUSSY SLAVE" so I stick out my tongue as you grind all over my face. my cock now stand as full attention, so hard that its pulsing, waiting for you to own it.  After you step from my face you light another cigarette and start to blow your smoke over my hard throbbing cock. licking it every couple of blows. Then you  take my cock in your hand and start to use long, slow strokes. from the base to the tip.

Milf taken from behind by a young stud

My Milf Story

As your are slowly stroking my hard cock, the head starts to shine with pre-cum. You blow smoke over the top and lick it like a lolly pop. It drives me wild and my leg starts to quiver. You flick your cigarette ash onto my chest and tell me to keep still, as  you continue to stroke my hard cock slowly getting faster and faster, rubbing my balls with your other hand. They feel so full. then you climb back over me and order me to eat your pussy once more. I use my tongue so well I can taste your sweet juice, I want to cum but you order me not too. Then you untie my blindfold and tell me that your going to ride my hard throbbing cock. Ride it like it has never been ridden before. As my cock stands to attention you squat over it and line it up with your hot dripping pussy and slowly lower yourself down onto it. You ease in the tip as it passes through your sticky lips. Mmmm it feels so hot. you take it further all the way as it disappears into your sweet hole. I feel it clamp around my shaft as you slowly move up and down, up and down. you take it deep every time as we both start to sweat, your amazing tits are bouncing around to the rhythm of the grinding, I reach up and grab your tits and caress your nipples, they are so hard. You reach back and untie my feet and tell me to fuck you from the top. As we switch position I keep my cock inside you pounding away all the time, I pull your legs up onto my shoulders and fuck you even deeper, you moan so loud as I am fucking you good. In and out, in and out. My balls feel ready to explode. You make me hold on, telling me to fuck you harder as you light another cigarette, you blow the smoke in my face as I fuck your wet pussy. I lean in as I kiss your lips and neck as you continue to moan. I lower your left leg from my shoulder and caress it from the thigh to the foot. I  start to rub your feet while still fucking you hard. I put your toes into my mouth and suck each single one. your back arches as the pleasure rises. Both of us nearing the point of ecstasy. I can feel your pussy pulsing you draw back on the cigarette one more time as I am licking your toes. you look me in the eye and say "Cum for me Ash, I'm ready. Give me your CUM!" I fuck you harder and faster and as I lean into your breasts I unleash as massive load of sticky hot cum onto your stomach. You feel the warmth as it drips down the sides. You continue to smoke for me as I rub your hot wet clit. As I fall into you to kiss you, you push me  to one side and just say "Good Slave, now I am  done with you



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