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Milf Lovers ! 

 You would love to fuck a milf but are not sure how to go about milf  seduction?



Personal Preparation

(polishing your knob!)

Before going out on a milf seduction, have a shower, make sure your nails are short and clean.  Put on a decent pair of jeans/trousers and a clean shirt and underwear.  A bit of aftershave, but don't overdo it.  Appearances are far more important to milfs than younger girls.  A few condoms in you pocket in case  you get lucky!

Decide on a hunting ground.  Friends moms are good, so are your moms friends, but these can be a bit tricky for obvious reasons!  Rather leave them until you have a bit more experience with milfs.

1.  Recreational  clubs :-

 Rove your eye over the milfs and pick one that you want  to roger.  Smile when you see her  and give a  friendly greeting, so she gets to know your face, she will be more receptive to you when you are not a total stranger.

Get chatting and maybe invite her for a game of tennis, golf or whatever.  If that is not appropriate, casually say you are going to the bar for a drink if she would like to join you. If she turns you down, then at least there is no embarrassment, if the answer is yes,  you are in!

2. In a pub :-

Once you have spotted a milf that looks like fuck material, keep looking at her until you catch her eye, then look away. Keep doing this and see if she looks at you to see if you are looking at her.    Next time she looks at you smile, but don't stare. Casually walk over to her, say "Hi, I am (whatever your name is) may I buy you a drink?" Her answer will let you know if she is  interested or not.

3. At work :-

Get onto a greeting basis with your  seductive milf, and then have the odd chat with her.  If she appears to be friendly, towards knocking off time, say  something like "I could use a drink, care to join me?"

Treating your milf

By now hopefully you and your milf have each got a drink.  Manners are important to milfs, so pour her drink, find her something to sit on, light her cigarettes if she smokes.( No stupid stuff like flicking your zippo lighter on your shoe! ) Watch your language and don't swear initially. Ask her name and use it often.  There is nothing as sweet to ones ears as their own name!  Listen to her every word as though what she has to say is important.  Milfs are so used to their kids and husbands not paying attention to anything they have to say! Try and find a common interest and speak about that. If she is responding well, order more drinks, but make sure you do not have too much yourself.  There is nothing as pathetic as   a man with brewers droop! Pay her the odd compliment but don't over do it.  Do not ask her age!  Do not try any of the common corny pick up lines, be original!  You want her to think you are interested in her as a person, and NOT as a milf pussy on legs!

By now you should be getting on well and be  relaxing in each others company.  Try touching her briefly as you emphasize a point.  Judge her reaction to being touched.  Watch her body language  towards you.  If she leans towards you all is well, another good sign is if she has crossed her legs towards, not away from you.

Offer her a lift home, if she appears really keen, invite her back to your place for a nightcap. (Remember to open doors for her, that goes down well!) If she accepts your offer you  can  take it from there!  If not, tell her you have really enjoyed her company and can you have her phone number.  Finding a milf to seduce  is  well worth waiting for!

NB. Make sure there are fresh sheets  on the bed and something cold in the fridge and I wish you a  ball busting fuck!



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